Black-Owned business label on Yelp Search

Understanding the Opportunity

As the pandemic drastically impacted businesses across the United States, Black business ownership was disproportionately affected. In May 2020, Black business ownership fell more than 40% — a steeper drop than any other racial group [1].

Five 3D stars
Digital Illustration by Will Scharlott

Undervaluing your work will hurt more than it will shield you

Images courtesy of the author
  • “I just threw these slides together. Sorry in advance if they aren’t ready.”
  • “These are just my thoughts, and they’re not very good.”
  • “I wasn’t sure about what to do, so…

1. Separate your self-worth from your feedback.

When someone gives you feedback, in return, give them the benefit of good intent. Trust that it takes courage to give and get feedback and the people…

Chu Scharlott

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